Amidst This Fading Light

by Rebecca Davis

Mired in tradition and hearsay, Germantown was dominated by a few old families and their influence from their founding. All that changed once the Pickett family came to town. No one was certain what to make of the strangers at first, and no one could have predicted what they’d bring with them. After the family brought unbelievable tragedy to the small town, those remaining were left with a hard lesson to learn. Set against the backdrop of the rural North Carolinian piedmont during the Great Depression, Amidst This Fading Light explores life, death, and what it means to carry on as people deal with what fate brings upon them, both the light and the dark, to persevere and survive or be swept away by time and inescapable memory.

*Available from SFK Press August 2018*

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This is such a generous and carefully told book that it’s difficult to believe it’s the author’s first.”

—Michael Parker, author of The Watery Part of the World, and Everything, Then and Since